Mission and History

The Ag Lenders Society of California is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to serve as the premier provider of education and information for professionals engaged directly or indirectly in the business of agricultural lending. Ag Lenders focuses its efforts on current issues affecting both agriculture and agricultural lending in the state of California while providing a diversified network for agri-business professionals.

The Ag Lenders Society of California originated as the Fresno-Madera Ag Lenders Society in 1988. With an initial membership of approximately 30 members, the non-profit organization was formed as a networking forum of agricultural lenders to foster a better understanding of the issues affecting agriculture and agricultural lending.

The rapid growth of the organization led to a restructuring into three Chapters - North (Modesto), Central (Fresno) and South (Visalia/ Bakersfield) - and a name change to reflect this growth. The Fresno-Madera Ag Lenders Society officially became The San Joaquin Valley Ag Lenders Society in 1992. In 2002, the organization’s name was once again changed to the Ag Lenders Society of California to better reflect its state-wide membership.

Since 1988, Ag Lenders has worked diligently to provide the best in training and education to our members. Through its association with Ag Lending Institute (ALI), Ag Lenders is becoming an organization recognized throughout the United States and the world at large.

Ag Lenders' purpose is to provide education and information on relevant agricultural topics and trends to its members. This is accomplished through regular chapter meetings with featured speakers, ag facility tours, short courses, and workshops on topics of interest to agricultural professionals.

Contribution To The Community
The primary contribution the Ag Lenders Society of California makes to the agricultural industry and to the community is education. The meetings and seminars held by Ag Lenders are open to the public and offer timely information on the industry’s most important topics and trends. Short courses are offered on a variety of relevant topics, from accounting to foreclosures and everything in-between. Periodic tours of agricultural facilities provide real-world context that engages agricultural professionals on current trends and topics. Annual membership fees are minimal and all events are offered at very reasonable prices. As a non-profit organization, managed under the direction of volunteers, Ag Lenders prides itself on the quality of continuing education offered to its membership and the agribusiness community at large.

Ag Lenders Society of California is governed by a set of bylaws.  Click here to learn about the organization's guidelines and exact duties of the Board of Directors.